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Cavity Prevention

Cavities don’t stand a chance against our preventative treatments.

Keeping Kids Cavity-Free

Preventing cavities is always better than treating them. And, at Oak Tree Pediatric Dentistry, we have solutions to do just that. At your child’s dental exam, Dr. Jon Chay or Dr. Martha Hendrix will discuss your child’s lifestyle and oral health with you, and help to create a tailored cavity prevention plan that suits your needs.

Cavity Prevention Options

Depending on your child or teen’s age and unique oral health situation, cavity prevention options may include:

Fluoride Varnish

Topical fluoride treatments are a safe, proven way to prevent cavities. Fluoride strengthens the enamel and makes it more resistant to acid attacks from plaque bacteria. It can also help to rebuild weakened tooth surfaces and stop or reverse very early tooth decay. Simple, affordable and painless, treatment involves painting the fluoride varnish onto your child’s teeth at their regular hygiene appointments. The process only takes a few minutes and the varnish hardens almost instantly.

High-Fluoride Toothpaste

For kids and teens with a high risk of developing cavities, high-fluoride toothpaste is another way to strengthen their enamel and keep decay away. When used along with fluoride varnish, excellent oral hygiene and a healthy diet, the prescription toothpaste can help stop the progression of tooth decay and prevent future cavities. Only available through your dentist, high-fluoride toothpaste, such as Prevident 5000, is stronger than anything available over the counter.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are designed to prevent cavities in the back teeth and are a quick, affordable solution. The 6-year and 12-year molars have pits and grooves that are hard to keep clean, making them especially susceptible to cavities. When applying dental sealants, we paint a BPA-free material onto the chewing surfaces of these teeth to seal them and prevent bacteria, acids and plaque from penetrating and causing decay. Learn more about dental sealants here!

Personalized Guidance

Our Greenville kids’ dentists take an educational, interactive approach to dental care. At dental exams, we provide diet counseling and oral hygiene instructions to help patients and parents learn how to achieve amazing oral health. Taking proactive measures from a young age can create a lifelong positive habit for cavity-free teeth and healthy gums.


Drinking fluoridated water reduces cavities by about 25% in children and adults.

9 in 10

Nine in 10 cavities in permanent teeth occur on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, highlighting the importance of dental sealants.


Fluoride varnish can prevent approximately one-third of cavities in the primary teeth.