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Protective Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an affordable, effective way to prevent cavities in kids.

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Protective dental sealants act almost like a force field for the chewing surfaces of the molars and, sometimes, the premolars. Your Greenville pediatric dentist simply paints a clear, BPA-free, thin coating onto your child’s back teeth. The material then forms a protective barrier that keeps acids, food and bacteria from settling into the pits and grooves of these teeth and causing cavities. Affordable, quick and well-tolerated, the procedure is such an easy and powerful way to prevent cavities.

Benefits of
Protective Dental Sealants


Dental sealants prevent plaque, food and acids from getting into the grooves of the back teeth, which dramatically reduces your child’s risk of cavities.

Quick and Painless

Getting dental sealants is completely painless and doesn’t involve needles. The process only takes a few minutes and is well tolerated by most kids.

Saves Time and Money

By preventing tooth decay, sealants also help to prevent the need for more extensive restorative treatment, saving you time and money.

Getting Dental Sealants

The dental sealants process is fast and painless. Dr. Chay or Dr. Hendrix will clean your child’s teeth, dry them and then apply an etching solution that will help the sealants stick to the enamel. They’ll rinse the solution off, dry the teeth once more and paint a thin layer of the sealant directly onto the enamel, covering the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The dentist will use a special light to cure the sealants. Once the material hardens, that’s it, your child’s teeth will be protected for years!

At Oak Tree Pediatric Dentistry, we recommend sealing your child’s first permanent molars, or “6-year molars,” and second permanent molars, or “12-year molars,” as soon as they make their debut to keep decay away from the get-go. Schedule your child’s appointment for dental sealants in Greenville, SC today by calling our office at (864) 232-3333.

Protective Dental Sealants

6 and 12

It’s recommended that protective dental sealants be applied to kids’ first and second permanent molars, which generally erupt around ages 6 and 12, respectively.


Dental sealants can prevent up to 80% of cavities in the back teeth in the first several years after they’re applied.


School-aged kids without sealants have almost three times as many cavities in the first molars as kids who do have sealants.