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Tooth Extractions

Whether a baby tooth is refusing to budge or a child has severe decay, our dentists are pros at quick, painless tooth extractions.

Kids’ Tooth Extractions

At Oak Tree Pediatric Dentistry in Greenville, we make every effort to save a child’s natural tooth. However, there are times when a tooth extraction is the best option. The good news is, not only are tooth extractions in children typically easier than extractions in adults, we also use advanced technology and techniques to make the process fast and pain-free.

Tooth extractions

We might recommend a child have a tooth extracted if:

  • The tooth is badly decayed or has damage so severe that there isn’t enough tooth structure left to support a filling or dental crown
  • There is an infection, or abscess, under the tooth
  • A baby tooth is staying in place for too long and preventing the underlying permanent tooth from erupting properly
  • It’s necessary for orthodontic treatment, such as in cases of excessive crowding

Benefits of
Tooth Extractions

Stops Pain

If your child has tooth pain, it will go away as soon as the tooth is extracted.

Eliminates Infection

By removing a badly decayed or infected tooth, we can eliminate or prevent infection.

Maintains Tooth Alignment

In certain cases, a tooth extraction can help maintain tooth alignment or allow misalignment to be corrected.

What Happens When a Child’s Tooth is Extracted?

Your child’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. If necessary, we can offer mild sedation with nitrous oxide. Before getting started, Dr. Chay or Dr. Hendrix will show your child the instruments they’ll be using and explain exactly what they’re going to do in kid-friendly terms before they do it. This helps reduce anxiety and gives your child an idea of what to expect.

We’ll then start the numbing process by applying a topical anesthetic to the area. Once your child is getting numb, we’ll use local anesthesia, so that they don’t feel anything during the procedure. The doctor will gently rock the tooth out of the socket with a special tool and remove the tooth from your child’s mouth. Before you leave, we’ll give you post-operative instructions to follow to ensure your child experiences minimal discomfort and optimal healing.

Tooth extractions


The most commonly extracted primary teeth are the first permanent molars, which account for about 30% of extractions.


Several studies have found that cavities are the most common reason for the extraction of primary teeth.


Kids have 20 primary teeth, but will have 32 permanent teeth (if their wisdom teeth erupt).