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As parents, we all want healthy smiles for our kids. And we do our best to ensure they eat healthily and practice great brushing and flossing. But the reality is, the cost of dental care can sometimes prevent families from getting to a kids’ dentist to complete their children’s oral care routine.

We can help. At Oak Tree Pediatric Dentistry, we offer affordable pediatric dental care—so families can care for their little ones’ smiles without worrying about the cost. How do we do this? Let us tell you!

We Practice Preventative Dentistry

As your pediatric dentist in Greenville, we believe preventative dentistry is of paramount importance. So what does preventative dentistry look like for your little one? 

Regular Cleanings

Preventative dentistry includes regular cleaning and check ups every six months (or sooner) to help keep your child’s smile bright and clean. Cleaning appointments reduce the likelihood of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues that can bring about unexpected costs to fix. At the center of our preventative dentistry strategy is nutrition counseling, oral hygiene instructions, topical fluoride varnish, sealants, and sometimes prescribing high fluoride toothpaste. 

At Oak Tree Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that kids can feel hesitant about visiting the dentist. Whether your child is anxious about it, has special healthcare needs, or you’re bringing your baby in for their first appointment, we do our best to make visits fun and comfortable at our kid-friendly office

Cleanings at Oak Tree are also thorough yet gentle and we take the time to ensure our young patients feel welcome and at home. We even show our young patients the tools we use so they feel like active participants in their oral health.  

Comprehensive Oral Exams

The “check up” part of an appointment is when Dr. Chay or Dr. Hendrix takes a closer look at your child’s teeth and gums for any issues. It’s a chance to spot even the smallest cavity or sign of gum disease and take steps to address it before it gets worse, or more costly to fix. We also note any jaw or teeth misalignment that might need monitoring or correction by the orthodontist.

We might start a check up with low-dose, quick and painless digital xrays. Xrays allow your Greenville pediatric dentist to see what they can’t with the eye alone. With xrays, our team can see in between and inside teeth, as well as what’s underneath your child’s gum tissue and jaw bones.

A huge part of preventive dentistry is education. So we take the time to make sure your child gets a refresher on good daily oral care. And parents of infants and toddlers get a reminder on how to properly clean their child’s teeth and gums. 

Preventative Care with Dental Sealants

Dental sealants provide an affordable, quick, and painless way to protect against cavities. A clear, BPA-free coating is painted onto your child’s chewing surfaces, then cured to create a protective barrier. Dental sealants prevent plaque, food debris, and acids from getting into the grooves of your child’s molars, which reduces the risk of cavities. Dental sealants last for years and can save you money over the long term by preventing the need for dental fillings.

We recommend sealing your child’s molars as soon as they erupt to keep decay away right from the start. First permanent molars typically appear at around 6 years old, with the second adult molars erupting at about 12 years old. 

A Variety of Treatment Options for Affordable Pediatric Dental Care

Even though your child takes great care of their teeth, sometimes issues still happen. So to provide affordable treatment for your kids when they need it, we offer a variety of restorative treatment options to suit your child and your budget.

For example, we have several dental crown options with different price points. The type of crown depends on your child’s specific case—like which teeth needs the crown, tooth size, and how well your child is able to cooperate with the procedure. 

We offer stainless steel, porcelain veneered stainless steel, and all-resin crowns. All provide a protective casing around your child’s tooth, resulting in potential cost savings against future cavity treatments. 

Cost Transparency and Flexible Payment Options

We understand that knowing your dental costs prior to dental treatment is important. So we communicate your costs upfront and with transparency. For us, providing you with clarity about your children’s dental costs is just as important as educating them about their oral care.

Some families find that spreading out dental costs makes dental care for their kids more accessible. We can offer flexible payment plans to suit your budget. We’ll work together to figure out an in-house, monthly financial solution that makes affordable pediatric dental care your reality. We also accept multiple payment types that make your payments convenient.

Affordable Pediatric Dental Care Through Your Insurance

You’ll be happy to know that Oak Tree Pediatric Dentistry accepts most insurances. We even have team members specially trained to navigate and get the most out of your benefits. And we’ll file your claims on your behalf.

Don’t have private insurance coverage but have Medicaid? No problem. We’re your pediatric dentist in Greenville, SC that accepts Medicaid. This might be surprising but not all dentists choose to participate. But we at Oak Tree Pediatric Dentistry accept South Carolina Medicaid because we want to encourage great oral care for everyone! 

Kids Dentist Visits Without Insurance: We Can Help!

Now, we know that not all families have insurance or Medicaid. So if you’re concerned about pediatric dental costs without insurance, we can work out a financial solution to make pediatric dental care accessible. As mentioned, we offer monthly payment plans that allow you to experience our high-quality dental care without the financial stress of a one-time lump sum.

Top-Notch Pediatric Dental Services from a Caring Team

Oak Tree Pediatric Dentistry pairs expert dental care with fair pricing, resulting in quality pediatric dental care and happy, healthy smiles. Our mission is seeing healthy smiles for all kids.

So contact us if you’re a Greenville, SC parent thinking, “I’m looking for an affordable pediatric dentist near me!” We’re your pediatric dentistry in Greenville waiting to welcome your family.

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